Make’n’Tell postponed *again*

That super seekrit project I posted the other day? It’s for work and I have to finish it by the 12th. Which puts me back where I was last time I tried this, with unidentifiable pics of a thing I can’t talk about. Bo-ring. So I’m going to push this off to the 15th(ish).

Make’n’Tell p2 Day 1&2:


Super seekrit knitting project. I’m using Lion Brand’s new Shawl in a Ball yarn, and am really enjoying working with it. It’s a bit tough to rip out, though. I mean, not that I make mistakes. Not me. Nooooope.

Also, Red My Lips 2016 has kicked off.


On the one hand I kind of feel like I’m cheating because my default color these days is red (Stella from Elixery). But then I thought about it and decided that since I pretty actively support and espouse the ideals of Red My Lips even when it’s not April, it’s all good. #supportsurvivors #ibelieveyou #ok2share