Day Trippin’ (Skillshare Skills Share Day 5)

 This month, my goal is to do a Skillshare* course (or part of a course) every day, and blog about it.

Today’s course: Build Your CEO Morning Routine: Goal Setting, Thinking, Ideas, Deep Work, with instructor Colin Stuckert

I didn’t blog yesterday (obviously), because I spent my blogging time fighting with the internet and trying to get the work I get paid to do done. I was so exhausted (and still having connectivity issues) by the time I finished up that I made a conscious decision to delay blogging. That conscious decision part is pretty important to me. If I try to hold on too tightly to routine, I fall back into that perfection-for-perfection’s-sake trap, and then give up completely because it’s not “perfect”. But I also don’t want to just forget to do the thing (in this case, blog/skillshare), which is definitely also a thing that happens to me.

Woman talking to another woman, captioned

ANYWHO, my big plan was to get up and do a quick class this morning to make up for last night. I even chose the class – this class on morning routines – before I went to bed last night. I got up early (for me) this morning and had plenty of time to get to blogging and then I just…didn’t. Morning Lola is not the most productive Lola, tbh. So instead, here I am this evening with the class on morning routines. Maybe the Morning Lola of tomorrow will be better equipped to tackle the day.

Bear laying on the ground
Morning Lola

Okay, first thing – this guy talks so fast I had to slow my viewing speed down to 1.25x! 😆 He’s showing his planning pages, which is great, but I’m not finding it specific enough to be really helpful. Why are you writing that there? What does that mean to you? How does it help you as you work through your day? My problem with journaling and todo lists always comes down to making space to reference it throughout the day so that it’s meaningful and guides me all day long. Setting it up in the morning – or even the night before – is the easy part.

Okay. Made it almost three lessons into this one and I’m bouncing. It’s just not for me – too much focus on broad strokes and not enough on whys and wherefores.

This has been another loooooong work day, so I’m also bouncing off the blog for now, but I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully to do the next Find Your Style lesson.

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*”Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes for creative and curious people, on topics including illustration, design, photography, video, freelancing, and more.” They’ve got classes in everything from art to baking to productivity to gardening to trumpet (I will not subject you to my efforts to relearn the trumpet). Classes range from 20m to a few hours, but even the longer ones are broken into bite-sized chunks. It’s pretty cool.

If you decide you want to sign up and you like me enough to give me a free month, too, here’s my referral link

This project is in no way endorsed, sponsored, or paid for by Skillshare (afaik, they don’t even know about it).

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