What Lola Does

I consider myself polycraftual, and spend my free time creating everything from pies to jewelry to sweaters. I incorporate my love of bacon and Star Wars (and other geeky things) into as many of my projects as possible.

I have designed for major knitting magazines including Knitscene, Jane Austen Knits, Clotheshorse, and the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits/Knitting Wizardry, as well self-publishing patterns on Ravelry. My work will also be seen in an upcoming Cooperative Press publication. I currently work full time for a major yarn company, answering questions about knitting and crochet patterns.

I began knitting as a teenager and added crochet to my repertoire several years ago (in addition to weaving, needlepoint, jewelry making, paper crafting, painting, etc. and so on ad nauseum). I started out modifying patterns for myself, then moved into designing for myself from scratch, and finally beginning designing for the world at large. Since I began working full time with yarn, cooking and baking have become my “relaxation” hobbies.

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