Ugh. I’m the worst.

I mean, not really. Compared to, say, Bill O’Reilly I’m actually pretty awesome. But I just can’t seem to remember to write blog posts. Typically what has happened in the past is I have post ideas but technical issues. Or I don’t have any post ideas at all and I just stare at the screen and then post something short and silly…kind of the blog-post equivalent of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Which isn’t super great, but at least it’s something. I’m genuinely not sure what my issue right now is — I’m completely flaking out on posting at all.

Maybe because I stopped doing my habit tracker in my journal, which had a little square for me to color in every day when I blogged. On the days I remembered to fill out my habit tracker, that is. Although…I’ve switched to a different notebook system for my journal, one that allows me to move pages around. Maybe I’ll try habit tracking again and just move the tracker to “today” so it’s right there in front of me… It’s worth a shot, right?

Today’s BuJo page. Yes, I have already drunk all my water. No, I have not gotten much else done. YET.


Almost Summer

I had strawberry shortcake for breakfast today. I’m not super proud of it, but I wanted to blog about strawberry shortcake and the other day when I made it for me and the kids, I made these gorgeous, decadent towers that fell over long before I had a chance to capture their majesty.

So I had just enough cake left for one​ more go, and I thought to myself, 

The very empty can of Redi-Whip. Breakfast was delayed for a few minutes while I went and had a very calm (okay, it wasn’t particularly calm but I didn’t completely lose my shit on her, either) discussion with my 10 year old about a) not eating whipped cream straight out of the can and b) more importantly, not putting empty containers back in the fridge so that people would get two-thirds of the way to a delicious breakfast and then discover they’re missing a key ingredient.

I dimly recalled buying some “shelf stable” cream from Trader Joe’s to make ice cream with, and it turned out I still had a box, so the 10 year old gets to live. I whipped it up, threw some sugar and vanilla in, and called it a day. You’ll see in the pic that it could have used more whipping, but I was about to starve at that point and still had to take the photos so I just served it up. Still delicious.

The strawberries were the big disappointment: they looked so pretty and juicy, but they were just kind of flavorless. I can hardly wait until we get the fresh-off-the-vine strawberries we pick ourselves…that’s when I’ll know it’s really summer.


Super Great

Good grief! I finally fix my posting issues and then forget all about posting! I’m not gonna lie — I’m a little disappointed in myself. BUT, I am now re-committing to this 365 project. I’m not going to start over, I’m just going to move ahead from here. And I’m going to post my very favorite motivational poster here, just to remind myself that we all stumble sometimes. What matters is that we get back up and keep going.

And also that faces are high in protein.



I am typing this from my phone…

I may have found a workaround so that I can upload pics from my phone, which has been the big killer on this whole blog-every-day thing I was trying to do. Basically, if I can’t upload directly (or mostly directly) from my phone, it means it’s something like a 5 step process just to get the photos. That’s not even including the writing part. So, here goes. :: holding breath::

YEAH, BABY! Looks like we’re back in business!

Unicorny Goodness!

Lion Brand recently released a series of long-repeat cakes called Mandala, and it’s pretty gorgeous (full disclosure: I work for Lion Brand, but they didn’t ask me to write this). It’s 100% acrylic, which is not always usually my favorite, but this one doesn’t have that plasticky feel that acrylic can have, and has a nice bounce to it, similar to what you’d expect from a wool or wool blend. I picked up a couple of colors to try out (working next door to the warehouse has its benefits), and decided to use Unicorn to make a new version of my old Sangria Swirl, which I was never super happy with.


The original was way too long and not nearly as wide as I wanted. The color was gorgeous, but was stash yarn I’d long ago lost the labels for. So. I’m trying it again with the Mandala, which is quite a bit thinner (the original was more like a bulky/category 5, while Mandala is a nice DK/category 3). It’s working up beautifully, if I do say so myself.

I Don’t Even Know

Okay, so I should blog something good and interesting, but it’s just not going to happen tonight. I *did* have a very productive evening…my new rowing machine came in and I got it all put together AND THEN I rowed for 20 minutes.

Oh! I know what I can tell you about! This Saturday I’m going to be marching in the Morristown St. Patty’s Day Parade with my derby team. The weather forecast is for cold with a side of extra cold, so I’m making myself a nice headband to wear (I already made a lovely ginormous woolly scarf, but no pics of that yet). Gotta go finish it up so my ears will be nice and toasty!


Watercolor Wednesday

Dude. It wasn’t even Wednesday when I posted this. It’s been a week, for sure.

I dabble a teeny bit in watercolors, and when I was trying to decide how to decorate this month’s calendar layout I thought a watercolor rainbow would be perfect. Of course, I couldn’t let March go without some shamrocks, too!


That’s a Wrap! And Also a Poncho!

Here I am! I had a bit of a crazy (but good!) week and then was sick all weekend. Bleh. But I’m back now, and I made a thing! [Aw, MAN! Apparently I didn’t upload the files I thought I did. Pictures coming tomorrow.]

A while back I saw this thing on Pinterest (because of course I did), and I’ve been meaning to grab some fabric to make one ever since. So when I was buying the fabric for Becky’s amazing Ponce de Leon costume (more about that in a later post), I grabbed some jersey to make a couple.

They took all of five minutes to make (I made mine with no seams, so no sewing!), and they’re super comfy and versatile. Instructions here if you want to make your own — be sure to check out the link to all of the styling options.

Birfday Sloth!

Yep. That’s a sloth purse. It sure is. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! Happy birthday to ME!

I have had a very, very good birthday, thanks in no small part to my wonderful husband. This is what 44 looks like:

Mod Squad

I’ve been consuming a lot of Mad Men lately. You know, to remind myself of the good old days, when America was great. It is disturbingly accurate. But the clothes are to die for. So as angry and heartsick as I get watching the show and understanding that there is much of America who still wants women and POC to “know their place” and gays to hide in the shadows, I try to let myself enjoy the bits that are not about that. At last year’s JDB Xmas party, one of my clothing swap prizes was a fabulous mod dress. I’ve been dying to wear it, and with the heat wave we’re having (70 in February? Tell me again how climate change is a myth.) I decided to go all 60s housewife. I felt adorable (but still pretty uppity) all damn day.

This look brought to you by my bingewatching of Mad Men and also (I’m pretty sure) my friend Butters.