That’s a Wrap! And Also a Poncho!

Here I am! I had a bit of a crazy (but good!) week and then was sick all weekend. Bleh. But I’m back now, and I made a thing! [Aw, MAN! Apparently I didn’t upload the files I thought I did. Pictures coming tomorrow.]

A while back I saw this thing on Pinterest (because of course I did), and I’ve been meaning to grab some fabric to make one ever since. So when I was buying the fabric for Becky’s amazing Ponce de Leon costume (more about that in a later post), I grabbed some jersey to make a couple.

They took all of five minutes to make (I made mine with no seams, so no sewing!), and they’re super comfy and versatile. Instructions here if you want to make your own — be sure to check out the link to all of the styling options.

You gots to have an opinion!